We have been able to sum up our experience in 3 words: professionalism, creativity, and courtesy.

You treated our homes as if it were your own. ALTAIR acted as more than a builder. Mitch’s architectural experience and Terri’s eye for design turned our home into a real living space. A place we look forward to coming home to. You were always courteous.

We can’t imagine how trying it must be to work with people who have no idea what it’s like to sit on you end of the table. You were always patient and understanding.

The true test is public opinion. Every guest in our home has been extremely pleased with the design and layout.
As much as we’d like to take credit for the little details, we have to admit that ALTAIR was responsible for the creativity. We mention ALTAIR whenever we hear of anyone looking to build a custom home.

We were intimidated, confused, and anxious, but your guidance, expertise, and competence made the entire process as simple as such a complex undertaking can be.

Your suggestions and recommendations on design and selections allowed us to stick to a budget while retaining high quality, value-enhancing features. Your patient explanations of how the entire project would unfold and progress alleviated attendant mystery and uncertainty. Your attention to detail assured us that our house was being solidly, masterfully built. And your friendly accessibility to answer all of our questions, no matter how trifling, made the entire adventure a pleasure.

When ALTAIR invited us to view several homes that they had recently built, we were even more impressed–this time by the high quality in construction, very tasteful designs and the impeccable attention to detail.

ALTAIR’s work showed an artistic eye, knowledge of architectural design and construction, and Mitch’s love for his craft.

Mitch and Terri showed the highest of integrity and were scrupulously honest in all our dealings with them.

If we were to build another house, we would hesitate to call them again.

Mitch’s recommendation on construction details and materials exceeded our highest expectation. The home was completed on time & the quality of work was outstanding.  To sum it up, we have come to regard ALTAIR as a rare “gem” of the construction industry and we would hire them again without any hesitation.